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    NUC5i5RYH no display


      I've logged a case already(00295469) but I'd like to try to resolve over the weekend.


      I've got a NUC5I5RYH, installed with Windows 10 and seemingly all working fine, displying with a Displayport to DVI adapter, with wireless keyboard/mouse combo.


      I was installing it for my in-laws and I switched over the DVI cable, and the monitor (old Dell one) went into power save mode and that was the last time I had video. I've swapped over DVI cables to no avail, tried BIOS recovery (RYO354), which appeared to update, judging by power led flashing but I couldn't see anything on the screen.


      I know that Windows is coming up and the keyboard is working, as I can enter my password and HDD led flashes, plus I've got some audio feedback.


      I now have it back at my place, using the monitor I setup it up with but nothing.


      Any advise would be welcome - preferably not involving purchasing various adapters that I have no use other for.



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          Went back to retailer and swapped DP-DVI adapter and everything worked again. Same brand adapter (Belkin), so other one must have given up the ghost after swapping DVI cables. Go figure!

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            Hello, KMC:


            Thank you for sharing this. I'm glad that you were able to solved it.


            Enjoy your Intel® NUC.



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              Video from my display port on my NUC5i5RYH went off and on for a few seconds with windows giving an audible device noitification sound, then it stayed out--no video from display port, not at boot or in windows or linux.


              I've updated everything from bios to display driver--no go.  One thing strange is that when I unplug the display port cable from the NUC, there is a buzzing sound from the speakers coming from the NUC (not the display).


              I initially had trouble getting video from my NUC when I got it, but once I got it working it has been fine with 2 monitors for the past year, one on the display port and one on the hdmi.


              I hope you can help.

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                Thoralor, have you tried using a different DP cable? Make sure that you are using a high quality Mini-DP 1.2 cable.

                Is the HDMI connection working fine?


                I would also like to confirm your BIOS and Intel® HD Graphics version installed.




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                  DP cable is good, no problem with HDMI.  BIOS and all drivers are the very latest for Win7 64.


                  Remembering that the NUC is low power and last year unplugging some of the USB connections helped get the video working last year, I unplugged the USB cables, but that didn't help.  Then a strange thing happened--I unplugged the audio cable and the video from the display port flashed, then I plugged in the audio cable again and it started working.


                  The problem happened again the next day with no video from the DP, so I followed the same procedure and got it working again.  A clue was the audio noise when the DP cable was unplugged from the NUC that I mentioned before.

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                    What do you mean with the NUC is low power?

                    Could you please let me know the Intel® HD Graphics driver version and BIOS version?

                    It's a strange behavior; have you made any hardware changes lately?