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    6i5syh Power Light Randomly On




      2x8 gb hyperx 2133 DDR4

      Samsung 850 Evo 250gb 2.5" SSD

      Dell monitor connected with mini dp to DVI cable, 1680x1050 resolution.



      bios 0028(as shipped)

      Ubuntu 15.10, 99% working. Unity and cinnamon desktops

      Booting UEFI


      Typical Usage:

      1 week old.  Desktop computer for web browsing, email, very light hobby programming.


      Problem:  When the computer is shut down I hit the power button on the NUC, select shutdown from the OS GUI menu, and then the box powers down as expected and all lights shut off.  However upon returning to the machine after a "long" duration (1hr or overnight) the machine may have the blue power indicator on the front of the NUC  ON.  In this state the machine does not appear to actually be "on" based on thermal state, no fans, and no connection to my network.  However the NUC power button is unresponsive and requires that I pull the power to the machine, plug the power back in, then boot as normal.  The NUC exhibits this behavior approximately 20% of the time thus far.


      Anyone else experience similar symptoms? Any suggestions on troubleshooting to solve this issue?  I have been following the forum for a while now before my purchase.  I can't recall or find any posts with a comparable problem.  Thanks.