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    When I delete and then create a new partition in the same space how does controller know to erase all the blocks with data remaining from before the new partition was created?


      This is not an issue I am struggling with, but just a question about how my SSD works.  Does an SSD controller do a secure erase when a partition is created and formatted (quick format)? 


      Scenario:  (Windows 10 Pro on a personal computer, 128GB SSD) Suppose I have an SSD which has been initialized and I have been running an OS and apps on it.  I decide to reinstall and choose to delete the partition and create a new one in its place before I reinstall.  Assuming " old data" remains in the NAND cells until GC, what does the controller do (or not do) when I reallocate the space by re-initializing it? 

      Obviously an HDD controller would simply use the space for new writes as needed because magnetic media works that way.  But what about SSDs at the time a new partition is created?