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    NUC6i3SYH UEFI Boot options - No Boot Device - *Solved*


      To get Windows 7 x64  Installed UEFI I had to make a USB with Rufus using GPT partition scheme for UEFI. F10 at boot and installed UEFI. needed Secure Boot disabled, i guess that is only Win8/10.


      I used DSIM GUI to add the USB 3.0 drivers to Windows 7. DISM GUI - Home






      Updated BIOS to current 33 bios.


      Using M.2 SSD


      Will be installing Windows 7 x64 (USB 3.0 drivers in WIM files)


      Devices PCI --> M.2 SATA is checked

      Devices SATA ---> M.2 SATA = Samsung M.2 SSD




      Boot Priority:

      UEFI Boot is Checked

      Boot Drive Order = No Boot Drive


      Boot Configuration:

      Internal UEFI Shell --->  Not Checked


      Secure Boot --> Not Checked



      Strange how everything UEFI is disabled by default, and what is UEFI Shell?


      I usually want GPT boot partition, so secure boot would need to be enabled?


      Will not see any boot device at all in UEFI mode, only if I enable Legacy Boot does it see either M.2 drive or USB drive.