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    Intel_C600_X79_Series_Chipset_G00_ZPE set error


      After creating a server image for 2012 and applying that image on several servers (Dell R320), I ran into an issue when attempting to install the Intel_C600_X79_Series_Chipset_G00_ZPE drivers on all of them( I also ranIntel_C600_X79_Series_Chipset_H00_ZPE). After joining them to the domain, I begin installing the client software on them. When I got to the Intel chipset software and ran the setup, I received an error stating "File copying was not successful. Setup will exit. There was a second window displaying the file that could not be copied (CSVer.dll).  Ironically enough, the CSVer.dll file was actually being copied after I deleted it several times after running setup again. I removed several of the servers from the domain to determine if group policy was somehow having an adverse effect on the chipset setup program and got the same issue. Then my co-worker suggested installing the chipset software prior to running Windows updates on the server to determine if one of the updates might be causing the issue. I decided to try it on a freshly imaged server and sure enough, after joining it to the domain and before running the Windows Updates, I was able to install the chipset software without issue.


      After the updates were applied, I rebooted the system and immediately ran the chipset software again (even though I had already installed it), and received the same error.  My co-worker then uninstalled 10 of the 52 updates at a time (via command prompt), from the test server, and after removing about 40 or so updates (from 52) and continuing to get the error, he was finally able to get it to install successfully.  He then was able to narrow down the update causing the problem (KB3126593).  So far we don't know if this has (or will have) any other adverse effects on the server, as we continue to configure it for production, but I couldn't find anything else out there on the net related to this and wanted to share. FYI!