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    Modification of the volume failed


      A spin off to my question here, I've got the additional two drives added and the Intel Matrix Storage Console (v8.9.0.1023) see's the additional drives, however when I right click on the volume (Volume0 - Three drives in RAID5) to do a modification and add the additional two drives I get to the end of the Expansion wizard and receive an error stating "Modiciation of the volume failed". I click OK, the software refreshes and I'm back to where I started. This volume is a storage volume, the OS is running off of Volume1 which is also different drives.


      Is there a log that states why it failed? Any ideas why it would be failing? At this point is it better to backup, blow away the volume and re-create it with all five drives?


      BTW all drives are the same manufacture (Seagate) and same size (750G). Model number varies slightly as these drives were purchased at different times.