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    Atom Z8300, Android 5.1 won’t install 64 bit apps


      I have a dual boot Teclast X98 Plus tablet. Windows 10 successfully runs 32 bit and 64 bit EXE programs. With Android, 32 bit apps work as expected, but 64 bit varieties cannot be installed. Linux version is 3.14.37-x86_64-L1.


      The programs in question are my free benchmarks (Google for roylongbottom benchmarks - for Windows, Linux, Android). These are mainly developed on a Core i7 based PC, the Android versions being produced via Eclipse IDE. These native code programs are compiled to select 32 bit or 64 bit ARM or Intel CPUs on installation. Configuring Atom x86_64 64bitintel AVD, the benchmarks can be downloaded from my site and the 64 bit apps can be installed and run as expected. Downloading with the Telcast/Android tablet installs the 32 bit version (that run).

      Does anyone know why or have a solution?