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    nVidia 790i chipset + X25-M G2 RAID 0?


      Hello everyone.


      I am about to build a "new" system with the following components:


      eVGA 790i FTW

      2x Intel 80GB G2 in RAID 0

      Win7 Pro 64bit


      My question is - what is the best procedure for this installation to maximize my new SSD's performance?  My initial thoughts were to perform the following:


      Install SSD's in SATA 0 and 1 ports (nVidia controller)

      Set bios to SATA

      Create raid with raid utility

      Flash SSD's with newest FW

      Boot Win7 and install

      Upgrade nForce drivers for mobo


      However I'm reading on this board that there are many different drivers you can use for your mobo controller?  What would be best for my set?