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    D54250WYKH Windows 8.1 and 10 Recording Device will not set "Listen to this device"


      I am trying to determine if Microsoft or Realtek is at fault for the failure of the audio system's "Recording device" to read and maintain the output when a recording device is selected to "Listen to this device".  I have a D54250WYKH currently running Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit where this audio function worked when I first loaded Windows 8.1 and loaded the drivers.  But now this fails to function at all.  The "Listen to this device" checkbox switches some audio paths needed for my audio applications.  The same machine running Windows 10 was somewhat more reliable such that if the system was rebooted, the function "Listen to this device" started as not functional but could be restarted by deselecting "Listen to this device" > "Apply" and then selecting "Listen to this device" > "Apply" > "Ok".  That is painful in itself.  Due to compatibility issues in Windows 10 with my applications I've downgraded to Windows 8.1 (rebuilt OS from scratch) and now the problem is worse (mostly non-functional).  I have found a way to cause the audio service to start functioning again by issuing "netstop audiosrv" followed by "net start audiosrv" but that damages any audio applications that are running.  Again painful.  Several other machines (Acer, HP and an old Intel D975XBX2) running Windows 7 Pro function perfectly so my next test is to load Windows 7 on the D54250WYKH.


      What I'm trying to determine is if this is related to the Realtek audio driver, the HD audio section of the graphics driver or Windows itself.  Others on the "Web" seem to think it's the driver.