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    Intel XTU overwrote turbo max TDP



      I have a problem with Intel XTU.


      First my System:

      I am using an Asus G501jw

      with an intel 4720hq cpu.


      A few months ago I undervolted my cpu slightly and it has been running fine ever since.

      Now I created a profile for more power efficiency in which I lowered the "turbo boost power max" from 47W to 40W.

      The Problem is that it will not go back up from 40W. I tried using another profile, such as default, with 47W but running the CPU at max it still only went to 40W and throttled down.

      I tried updating and resetting the bios, this did not help. Sadly in the Asus bios you cannot change cpu settings.

      I even opened my laptop and disconnected the cmos battery.

      However after all this my CPU only runs at max 40W and throttles down from the normal frequency.

      Any ideas on what I could do?

      Feel free to ask any questions I have not addressed.

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          The stock TDP is 47W. Intel recommends keeping default settings. Anything lower or higher that stock settings are considered down clocking or over clocking; this is not supported through our line of support. I recommend waiting for different community members that may have experienced same issue.