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    Intel HD Driver keeps crashing on Windows 10


      My laptop has an Intel i7 4710HQ processor with a Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics and nVidia 860m discreet graphics running Windows 10 64bit /Upgraded from Windows 8.1/.

      Never had a problem with the discreet graphics but the integrated graphics keeps crashing. The laptop stutters for a second and I get a notification saying that Windows has recovered from a driver crash, specifically the Intel HD Driver for Windows 8. So I though that I need to update my drivers seeing as I'm running Windows 10, but that's a task that has proven impossible.

      • First I went to the Intel site and downloaded their auto graphics updater, but it said that my PC is running manufacturers drivers and I need to get them form the manufacturers website (strange since my PC came with Linux and I installed my copy of Windows on it).
      • So I went to the Acer website, downloaded the drivers (which appear to be 5-6 generations behind the Intel ones vs 154010.4300 respectively), however the crashes still continued.
      • Then I went back to Intel's website and manually downloaded the latest drivers but they wouldn't install (I get a message that I don't meet the minimum system requirements.....)
      • After that I tried to manually install them from device manager, but I get a message that I have the latest driver installed (both trying auto windows and pointing to the driver folder as per Intel's guide on how to manually install them)
      • I even tried adding TdrDelay set to 8 in the registry and the crashes still continued.
      • And finally I just deleted the drivers and device and restarted the PC so Windows would install them automatically, but alas the drivers still crash and say they are the newest when I try to update them.