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    D2000 4K OTP


      Hello, I want to clarify, the OTP memory section as I understand is one time programming for the D2000 MCU, while I was reading the qmsi library It needs to be flashed the first time that I need to use the MCU. Am I right?


      In the code there is a file called rom_startup.c and s file. But I don't fully understand "reset vector at 150h is located in OTP Code region of Intel ® QuarkTM" so, It will start-up at ENTRY_POINT_ADDRESS( Flash Code ITCM & AHB), but all devices will be shipped with the OTP clean, I mean without no program at OTP?

      /* Address of application's entry point */

      #define ENTRY_POINT_ADDRESS ((void *)0x00180000)


      What happens if I try to reprogram the OTP section more that one time, just fail or it will make a mesh in the ROM?


      Finally, there is no way to get the ENTRY_POINT_ADDRESS if I don't have the rom code?


      Thank you