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    NUC6i5SYK System Hang with complete black or white screen


      I did not find my exact issue in this forum, so I just wanted to share my findings with my NUC.


      The NUC freezes with following symptoms:
      a) sudden white/black screen of death (no Windows, no mouse, no blinking cursor, no text, just all white or black) but the monitor does not go to sleep
      b) keyboard is dead, caps lock and num lock lights are not working any more
      c) the blue front LED on the NUC stays blue
      d) the fan stays at same speed, the unit does not get hot

      e) even after hours, the systems stays in this mode. The only way to recover is using the power button


      The freeze happens between 3 times a day and once every 3 days, mostly while working in Office or using Edge Browser, so basic Office work only. I cannot force the system to freeze, nor do I know what steps are required to make this happen.


      It is a NUC6i5SYK with Samsung 950 Pro, 2 x 8GB Kingston HyperX 2133 (HX421S13IBK2/16).


      What I tried so far without success:
      1. BIOS is set to default, then Windows 10 Pro Version 1511 is installed, (Build 10586.104), all Windows Updates installed. Nothing else is installed (not even Printer, Camera or similar).

      1. Checked for Dump File to get more information, but there is no dump file

      2. checked Windows Eventlog, but it is only stating "The previous system shutdown at xxx on yyy was unexpected."

      3. Updated BIOS from 0028 to 0033

      4. Ran the Intel Processor Diagnostic Tool, no problems found
      5. Windows Memory Diagnostic tool ran for 4 days without problem, and did not report any issue
      6. memtest86 also did not report any issue
      7. I replaced memory with 2 x 8GB Kingston HyperX 2400
      8. installed latest AHCI driver from RST during Windows Installation (F6)

      9. Using Internet Explorer instead of Edge Browser

      10. Updated all Drivers in Device Manager individually by clicking each device and "Update driver software..." (and it found some drivers to update)

      11. ran SFC /scannow

      12. Disabled tons of Windows Services

      13. Disabled "Allow hybrid sleep" in Windows 10 Power Options

      14. Bypassed the Aten CS1794 KVM Switch. Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor (HDMI) are attached directly to the NUC

      15. Start Windows 10 in Safe boot (Minimal, via msconfig.exe)


      It is strange that there is no BSOD or dump file (by default Windows 10 is set to write Automatic memory dumps in case of BSOD). To further narrow it down: With Device Manager, I have disabled or uninstalled most Intel Driver, namely

      - Intel Iris Graphics (Version -> uninstalled (it runs with Microsoft Basic Display Adapter, not as good as Iris Graphics driver, but it runs at least...)

      - Intel 100 Series Chipset Family PMC - 9D21 (Version -> disabled

      - Intel 100 Series Chipset Family SMBUS - 9D23 (Version -> disabled

      - Intel 100 Series Chipset Family Thermal subsystem - 9D31 (Version -> disabled

      - Intel Management Engine Interface (Version -> disabled

      - Intel Serial IO UART Host Controller - 9D27 (Version 30.63.1519.7) -> disabled


      I keep all Microsoft Drivers as well as the Intel Drivers for

      - Intel Ethernet Connection I219-V (Version

      - Intel 100 Series Chipset Familiy PCI Express Root Port#9 - 9D18 (Version
      - Intel Serial IO GPIO Host Controller - INT344B (Version 30.63.1519.7)


      And here you go: the system is running stable since 3 days. Drawback of the current configuration is the missing Sleep function as well as graphics performance. I will continue playing with the drivers, but I would bet Intel's Iris Graphics driver is causing the issue....




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