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    Can we make a drone with just Intel Edison and its arduino board?



      I was wondering can we make a drone without any flight controller or extra hardware, just with Intel Edison and its arduino expansion board also with Groove's starter kit. Can we do so? and how, just a glance. I wanted to make a drone that will live stream the camera to my computer, with a wifi hotspot device in drone and through it Edison will connect to internet. Can we do so?



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          Hi CyberGhost,


          The Wi-Fi and camera part could be possible to do only with the Edison and the Arduino Expansion Board (and a camera of course). Actually, there is a guide about something like this in the following site, I recommend you to check it: GitHub - drejkim/edi-cam: Video streaming on Intel Edison


          However, regarding the "drone" part, I hardly think it could be done without any extra hardware. I'm thinking just in the flying part, you will need motors for this, and a way to power them. Powering the motors through the Arduino Expansion Board is not recommended.


          Anyhow, I recommend you to look for drone projects based on the Arduino UNO board. You will find a lot of projects and examples, so you could use them to get a better idea about what you could need to make the drone, and what extra hardware might be needed too. Then, you could port these ideas to Edison.




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