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    I Got an Old Generic Monitor Driver - HELP


      I got an old generic pnp monitor driver dated 2006. I read that refresh rates depend solely on the monitor. This may be the reason why I'm not seeing more options for refresh rates in my Intel Graphics properties. I got Intel HD 4400, btw . Can any of you guys please provide me with a more recent update to this driver?

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          You can download the latest Intel® HD 4400 driver at the following link:

          Drivers & Software

          Under any download type select driver and under any operating system select the operating system you have installed in your system.


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            Hi Ivan. I tried installing the most up to date Intel drivers from that link. But I cant install them because according to my laptop, I'm using the most up to date drier anyway. But this is weird because the display drivers I'm using is version which is dated 11/18/2015 while the driver from the link is version dated 1/19/2016.This is strange. Can you explain why this is happening?

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              Laptops usually have fixed parameters that cannot be modified by the user. In regards of display settings the different options for screen resolution, color, and refresh rate are set from factory and most of the time they are limited due to the nature of the monitor


              Now, it is important to have in mind that using drivers from the Intel website not necessarily will work properly as branded computers are custom products that have proprietary designs and therefore they need proprietary drivers as well. This is the reasons why it shows that the driver you have is the most recent driver because is the one that you need in your system provided by your system manufacturer.