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    Intel Graphics Card Not Showing Refresh Rates


      I got a Sony Vaio Flip 15A. It has the intel graphics card HD 4400. The problem is that its supposed to have 3 refresh rates. So far its only got one which is 60Hz. Other users who have the same computer and driver have  3 refresh rates. Why is this happening? How can I fix this??

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          Hello, koolx:


          My recommendation would be to check what is different from the other computers to yours.


          -Double check the driver version that is been used by the other units and yours.

          -Is it the exact same model and configuration that you have from the other units?

          -Are they using an external display with their device?


          Here you can find the drivers for your PC, please verify that you select the correct OS that is currently being used: Sony eSupport - SVF15N17CXB - Support


          While using OEM systems like yours, the recommendation is to download and install the drivers from your computer's manufacturer website.


          This is to avoid loosing any special features or settings while using the generic drivers from Intel.


          Another option to test, considering what was mentioned before, would be the generic drivers from Intel: Drivers & Software


          The default drivers from Windows would be an additional option to test, you can get them after uninstalling the current drivers, letting Windows reboot and it would automatically install them.


          Since this could be an special feature for your product, have you checked with the support from your OEM?



          Esteban C

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            I'm using the exact same driver version as others of this same unit. And no, theyre not using an external display.


            I cant use the same dirvers as the one from Sony Support because I clean installed my system as others who own this unit has already. The driver I got was automatically updated through Windows 10 when I clean installed it.


            I tried installing the most up to date Intel drivers from that link. But I cant install them because according to my laptop, I'm using the most up to date ones. But this is weird because the display drivers I'm using is version which is dated 11/18/2015 while the driver from the link is version dated 1/19/2016.This is strange.

            What I dont understand is, why does the driver on the Intel site show drivers with 3 different dates?? For example, when I click on: Download Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows 7/8.1* [15.36] I get 3 different dates of release. I dont get it.

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              Hello, koolx:


              I was able to find this option on my Desktop PC, you could check it doing the following.


              1. Right click on the desktop, select Screen resolution.

              2. Go to advanced settings.

              3. Then monitor tab.

              4. In the monitor tab, you should be able to see the refresh rates supported by your built in monitor.


              If you are still not able to see them, my recommendation would be to first, find out what is different from your unit to the ones that do have this available and then contact your OEM for further support on this.



              Esteban C