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    System freezing issue..


      Hi guys, i am using intel61BF with i3 2nd gen. in the beginning i used it with single 1tb hard drive, presently i attached another 1tb hard drive. the problem is, if i access the seecond hard drive, the system gets freezing, after a time the stops responding. Is it problem with motherboard or with power supply? presently i am using 450w smps.

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          Try installing the hard drive in different SATA port or try with deferent SATA cable.


          I doubt it is the power supply unless you have a lot other components install in your system that requires more power consumption.


          Do you see your hard drive in disk management?


          Have you tried plugging it in when the PC is off and then turn the PC on and see if it works properly?


          Other than, plug your hard drive into another PC and check whether it exhibits the same problem or test the drive with diagnostic program.


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