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    6700k crashing at stock settings, bad chip?


      Specs first


      Gigabyte Z170x Gaming 7

      eVGA 16Gb (2x8Gb) DDR4 2800mhz

      Custom water loop (more than cool enough)


      In some stress testing including Intel extreme, prime, linpack, Aida64, etc this chip will fail.  Stock voltage readings are over 1.4v (which I've read is considered the safe limit for these chips).  I've seen it run at 1.42v under load nearly constant at times.


      I've tried 4 different variants of the BIOS updates, different versions of testing applications, with and without the iGPU enabled.  It seems to happen when the chip runs into turbo frequency on all four cores while under stress (4.2Ghz).  Prime95 usually will throw worker failures (which isn't stable but doesn't exactly compromise the system) and the Intel Extreme test has led to the blue screen of death.  I've tried settings suggested to me by Gigabyte with their settings to get it stable at "Optimized Defaults". 


      I've never had a chip do this (I've had way to many over my time with PC's) and figured it was the motherboard.  I replaced it and still have the same issue (same motherboard model).   I had a friend bring his i3-6100 over to see if maybe something was faulty somewhere else but it's completely stable.  (i3's are funny under water blocks btw).   I am still within the stores exchange limitations, should I go this route and exchange the chip?  I'm sure if I dumped more voltage to it; it would be stable but I'm not risking the chip if I don't have to (play it safe I always say).  What should my next steps be here? 


      Thank you ahead of time!