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    Test MB



      I have to test a motheboard that provides an intel xeon e5-2403.

      I don't have this processor but one  xeon e5-2403v2 that according to the specification differ from

      other in clock frequency and voltage ranges:

      First processor has a      VID 0.6V-1.35V

      second processor has a VID 0.65V-1.30V

      Can I try the xeon e5-2403v2  instead of other without roasts ?

      Thanks  for the answer.

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          Hello inda,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          What is your motherboard model?


          It depends on your motherboard if it is compatible with this processor or not.





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            The motherboard is a Fujitsu with part number S26361-D3079-A11  relating to a Primergy

            TX150 S8 only provides processors E5-2400 Series until E5-2450, with 1600MHz DDR3 Ram

            In the datasheet it does not speak of E5-2400v2 processors, otherwise I would not do

            the question.



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              In this case, since your motherboard is an OEM motherboard the best contact to ask this question will be your motherboard manufacturer, we cannot guarantee if this processor will work in your system or not.