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    Need to downgrade "nvm" on Intel x710-DA2 10G ethernet card


      As part of a problem investigation, I update the "nvm" / firmware on a couple of Intel X710-DA2 10G ethernet cards using the NVM Update package (Download NVM Update Utility for Intel® Ethernet Converged Network Adapter XL710 & X710 Series) .  The new firmware did not solve the problem and now I want to go back to the old firmware.


      As part of the upgrade sequence, I had the software make a backup copy of the firmware. So I have a copy of the firmware, but I see no way to actually put that firmware back into the board.  The NvmUpdateTool does not provide a downgrade / restore old firmware option.   The software made directory with the old firmware (4MBytes labeled <macAddr>.bin and some other data - labeled <macAddr>.flb).


      Now what?




      Rob Westfall