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    Clear CMOS jumper?


      NUC D54250XXX, simple question:


      Since my NUC doesn't ship with proper instructions, how to perform a clear CMOS in case the board doesn't POST? Is it the yellow jumper or something?



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          Hello ron8575,


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          The easiest way to clear the CMOS basically it will be by accessing the BIOS and press F9, that will set the BIOS to defaults, but since you are not able to access the BIOS try the following:

          Turn off the system

          Remove the jumper located on the motherboard

          Turn the system on and you should be able to see a menu.

          Press F2 to access the BIOS and then press F9 once you’re in the BIOS and press F10 to save all the changes.


          I hope this can help you.



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            Ok, but what is the procedure exactly?

            After removing the yellow jumper, entering BIOS (F2), resetting to default settings (F9) and exit BIOS (F10), should I replace the jumper again? Is it on the same position as before?



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              Yes, that’s correct, once you reset the BIOS to defaults settings turn off the system and place the jumper back where it was.