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    External Display Issue - Intel HD Graphics 530 with GTX 960m - Laptop


      Unless there is a fix I am unaware of, I'd like your opinions on this please.


      I have the Dell Inspiron 7559 gaming laptop with i7 6700HQ processor, and NVidia GTX 960m 4GB graphics card.


      When I connect an external display via the HDMI port, some games I try will not display on that external display.


      It is either the Intel 530 driver causing this problem, or the NVidia.


      As the GTX 960m supports and uses NVidia Optimus, in order to set up multiple displays, I have to go through the Intel HD driver control panel to output to my external monitor.


      The NVidia control panel does not show any options to arrange displays (it only shows options to arrange 3D stereoscopy), because NVidia Optimus uses the Intel dialogue boxes to accomplish this task.


      Is there a fix for this? Is it a currently known bug? I get this with Resident Evil 0 HD for example; I hear sound on the external monitor, but just see a black screen where there should be a game. I do not get this problem with the laptops built in screen.


      Thanks for your time.



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          Hello, mattparker91:


          I would like you to test the following configuration:


          Set it as in the screenshot.

          output-external display.png

          Also, please check the graphics options that you have in your game, that would also depend on how the displays would behave.


          If you have the option to set multiple displays in the game, getting the image in the external display would be possible.


          Another way to go would be, setting a single display, the external, if the main goal is to get the game there. Additionally, you could use clone displays to get this done as well.


          Are you using the generic drivers from Intel? or the ones provided by your OEM?


          The recommendation while using OEM systems is to download and install the drivers from your computer's manufacturer website.


          This is to avoid loosing any special features or settings while using the generic drivers from Intel®.


          Generic drivers, please make sure you select the OS currently being used: Drivers & Software


          I look forward to your outcome with this.



          Esteban C