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    Orcad Schematics for the Intel Quark D2000 Board


      Hello Support,


      I see most of the documentation for the D2000 board here:


      Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000: Documentation


      The Allegro board file imports wonderfully - thanks.


      Can you send me the Orcad Schematic of the board?


      I am attempting to design a Coin Size board: see attached


      Thank you.

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          We do not currently have an Orcad Schematic of the D2000 board.


          We can provide a Concept HDL file if  that would suffice ?




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            Hello Michelle,


            Thank you for your response.  I just got the Arduino101 board today and can't wait to start developing FW for the Curie :-)


            I am new to the Curie World and I am mixing up boards, sorry.  What I thought I wanted was the Orcad schematics that go with the D2000 Board below.

            The zip file located here:

            Download Intel® Quark™ Microcontroller D2000 Development Platform: Manufacturing and Design Information

            includes the Quark Allegro .brd.  But that Orcad schematic would only get me to the Quark and I am not closer to designing Curie Hardware :-(


            I am attempting to design a board with the Curie and a UV sensor (different than the Bosch Sensor on the Curie Module) so I suppose I needed Orcad Schematic of anything with a Curie device on it with a PIFA or Chip Antenna.


            I understand that the Curie Module is for Top Tier customers and not available yet, but I wanted to start with just the Curie device and put my UV Sensor on my Coin Cell Board:




            I am also using a Chip Antenna (A2 Above) instead of the PIFA that you are using now on the Arduino 101 board for the Quark.


            So any help would be appreciated:


            1.  Do you have an Orcad Schematic off any board that is using a Curie device with an antenna?


            I know that I am asking "bleeding" edge questions, so now worries if you don't have the answers.



            Thank you Michelle for your help.