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    Multiple terminal support in Intel Edison


      Hello everyone,


      Is there any solution on how to get multiple terminals support (via serial connection)  on intel edison without using ssh connection ?

      Currently if I want to run multiple parallel commands, every time I need to connect via ssh.


      If I run the    sudo screen /dev/ttyUSB0  115200     command 2 times on my ubuntu machine, it opens 2 Edison terminals but acts as a single terminal.

      Means whatever command I run, its output is divided between these 2 terminals. So they act as single terminal and not separate from each other.

      What if I want to have multiple terminals just like ubuntu that can run different commands at the same time ?

      Some sources stated (not specifically for Yocto/Edison) that installing GNOME shell can solve the issue.  Is that true ? Can I install GNOME on intel edison ?


      Thank you