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    Queue issue about XL710




      I met some issues with XL710 NIC on FreeBSD10.1.

      The NIC is a dual-port 40G card with the latest NVM image. CPU is 2690 V2 with hyperthreading to 40 logical cores.

      Part number as XL710-QDA2 932587.

      Firmware info:  f5.0 a1.5 n05.02 e80002285

      Driver info: 1.4.8.



      Within 20 queues only 16 of them are receiving packets (que0 - que15),

      Que16-que19 are generating interrupt but no packet available, status/error register value are all 0.


      AN# sysctl dev.ixl.2 | grep rx_packet

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que0.rx_packets: 8805610

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que1.rx_packets: 9348787

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que2.rx_packets: 8505388

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que3.rx_packets: 9928934

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que4.rx_packets: 3879181

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que5.rx_packets: 5579101

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que6.rx_packets: 4322241

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que7.rx_packets: 5788389

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que8.rx_packets: 5575891

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que9.rx_packets: 3743182

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que10.rx_packets: 4127868

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que11.rx_packets: 3878214

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que12.rx_packets: 4013070

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que13.rx_packets: 5146686

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que14.rx_packets: 4024729

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que15.rx_packets: 4736103

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que16.rx_packets: 0

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que17.rx_packets: 0

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que18.rx_packets: 0

      dev.ixl.2.pf.que19.rx_packets: 0


      The NIC may hang under heavy stress, like putting 60Gbps traffic into it.

      It may stop generating interrupt in such case.


      Could you please help check the above issues?

      Great thanks.