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    Difference between Intel Rapid Start Technology and Intel Rapid Storage Technology - Need Clarification


      I had Intel Rapid Start Technology on my Dell XPS 18 AIO. I tried out Windows 10, didn't like it, and reverted back to Windows 8.1, at which point I had lost my Intel Rapid Start Technology. That really slowed start-up down. :-(

      A Dell service technician finally found the way to get this back onto my system (wasn't easy or quick and took a number of unsuccessful attempts and service calls) but I notice now that he got "Rapid Storage Technology", not Rapid Start Technology on my system.

      The chipset he put in my system was: Dell Update Package: Intel Rapid Start Technology,, A01. . But when I open the technology, it only refers to itself as Rapid Storage Technology.

      Is there a difference? Do I need to be concerned?


      With thanks,

      Nom J