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    cant unpack drivers


      the new wix based ,  chip-set and or wifi /Lan drivers


      Cant seem to extract them,  from exe to msi or the like.  -x /x /extract , -extract kinda irksome

      older Intel Driver packs chipset.exe -x c:\temp\intell-chipset or wifi , bluetooth and golden,

      of late what gives ?


      For A time I could Just get the zip, a Set of Scripts to pop the exe/msi would be nice, or adding back the -x or extract would be swell.

      PDQ Deploy or Wsus Package Publisher - Home  I can push more updates once boxes are up.


      for Windows Deploys On a  stick  , IE deploying baseline drivers , via Windows Installer for all systems in Offices good.


      I can force push the MSI at a latter time from the server.  however no WiFi or lan cable connectivity kinda bad.

      any odd storage drivers I also try to Integrate... ie add on sata cards etc.