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    Supported Processors ???


      I have a Gateway MX6955 and would like to know what my processor upgrade options are?  This link is all the information I have found from Gateway http://support.gateway.com/s/Mobile/Q106/BladeC/4006126R/4006126Rsp2.shtml  So what is the fastest processor I can put in this machine?

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          You have a couple of options:

          A) contact gateway and ask which CPUs are compatible.

          B) Find out what the motherboard model and manufacturer are and contact them to ask.

          C)do some googling, and find out what other people have put in the same system.


          It all depends on the motherbopard and for what CPUS they have included the microcode for.

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            The motherboard is a 4006126R w/UMA graphics and Intel 945GM chipset. Gateway will not provide support unless you pay for it. I think there is someone around here that would be able to supply a little knowledge on the subject. The bois has been updated to version 77.12 which from what I can tell is the latest version. Gateway has been very little help and there is not much info on google on this subject. The link I put in the original post show all the details I can find on the motherboard.  Someone out there can solve this, right?  Gateway want me to buy a fulll service package just so I can ask this one question!! Thats just crazy to me.  * It says it supports Intel Yonah core dual and Celeron- M CPU's it also says package 479-pin uFCPGA and FSB 533/667*


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              Hi, I'm back! After a while went by and I couldnt find an answer I went ahead and tried my luck. For anyone else who may be interested I Upgraded my processor to a T7200 and it works perfectly.  It is a huge performance boost and I am verry happy.  I came to the decision that this would work by going though all the specs of the laptops on the gateway website to find all the laptops that use the same motherboard and the best processor that was installed.  I found that there was a laptop that used the same motherboard and came with the T7200. Bought one, It works!!   Hope this will help someone else.



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                I found the answer to this myself! hope this helps someone. I am not sure but I think I could have gone up to a T7400 but I'd rather be safe than sorry.  Also I was worried that it may run too hot but I think with the newer tech. it actually runs cooler because the fan only comes on every once in a while.