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    NUC6i3SYH won't boot past the "Intel NUC" screen


      I have a brand new NUC6i3SYH and sometimes the box won't boot past the "Intel NUC" screen shown when powered on.


      I have updated to the latest bios version and I'm not experiencing issues 80% of the time.

      Hardware: Samsung M.2 SSD 850Evo 250GB and Kingston 8GB 2133MHZ DDR4 CL13 SODIMM MEM (KIT OF 2) HYPERX IMPACT


      It seems that I can trigger the error by turning on the NUC before my TV is turned on and fully initialized - at least sometimes. The NUC is connected via HDMI to my TV. If I let the NUC run showing the white-on-black "Intel NUC" screen, it will restart after a while, and repeat forever. The only solution is to hold in the power button, let the NUC turn off, remove power from NUC and TV, wait a long while (10+ mins), then turn on TV, wait, turn on NUC and see it boot as if nothing was wrong.


      Can anyone help me solve it?


      I have had several other PC's connected to this TV with no problems so the TV should be fine (Phillips 42pfl4007).