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    Power Problem


      When I switch on my computer power led on front panel blinks continously but the led on my motherboard (standby led) is stays on solid. Even I press power button on my front panel computer do not starts. Also their is no any siren(processor overheating) or any beeps. What is problem?


      i have 400 watts psu but my computer requried only 310 watts.


      I have done follownig things to solve it

      1. Cleaned connectors of ram.

      2. Cleaned moisture on cmos batter.

      but problem is not solved


      Please Help

      Any help would be appriciated


      My System Configuration

      Processor          intel core 2 quad q6600

      Motherboard       intel dg33fbc

      ram                   2gb

      nvidia 9600gt Graphic card

      tv tunner

      500gb hdd

      lg dvd writer

      windows vista sp2

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          What PSU do you have?


          The Q6600 that is supported on the DG33FB is the SLACR not SL9UM.


          Check that the RAM is in the right slot(s) DIMM 0 (blue).

          Take out TV tunner and Graphic card and try with the on Board Graphic.

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            i am fuel's psu



            i have taken out both tv tunner and graphic card

            but no use

            and i also have checked by inserting one by one

            problem is still exists


            do you think that it is due to overheating of psu?

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              i am fuel's psu



              Its junk then get a better make one with 80% Efficiency from:




              Cooler master (not Elite or eXtreme models)


              Thermaltake (mainly the Toughpower models)



              PC Power and Cooling


              And as I said check what Q6600 you have the SL9UM sSpec Number will not work in the intel dg33fbc only the SLACR sSpec Number will.

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                When I checked my psu it is too hot

                This is the problem

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                  may be


                  The power supply is damaged


                  not enough Power Capacity


                  very bad Power Efficiency


                  I recommend buying a new power

                  If possible, high Value Product(expansive ...)