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    NUC5PPYH HDMI problem. Won't display without monitor power cycle


      I have setup my NUC5PPYH with Windows 8.1 and have it connected via HDMI to my monitor.


      For some reason the video will not display and the monitor turns off. When I manually power off the monitor and then power it on (sometimes it takes a couple of times) then the video works. I have went through similar posts in this forum but I cannot get it to work.


      I have tried:


      1. Updating the bios. Fully updated to 0048

      2. Setting the memory aperture size to 256MB

      3. Bought a HDMI 1.4b cable.

      4. Resetting the BIOS.


      None of these fixed work. I don't understand why I need to power off/power on the monitor in order for the video to display. I have even tried it on my TV and get the same problem... I have hooked up a VGA cable and that works fine. That's not a solution though. Who uses VGA anymore?