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    Reset disk to non-RAID.... now gone


      Hello, Following the advice of this thread RAID 0 Array shows as "Disabled" in Option ROM, No Windows Boot I reset Disk to non-raid in order to remove the "Disabled" status.


      For a little background, I have a Dell Dimension 8700 XPS with a 32GB solid state. I'm obviously in over my head, but I thought the solid state was just supposed to enhance boot up speed, etc. On new years day, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology software basically informed me that my main 2TB hard disk was failing, and then it crashed. Since getting a new hard drive installed and re-installing windows 7 64bit, I'm trying to get my system back to normal. (As seen in the first attachment below)


      Attachment #2 is what I was seeing since reinstalling windows, post crash. Attachment #3 is some boot info from my BIOS.


      So, I resetting the RAID volume to Non-Raid...it's gone (as was warned). How do I get it back? Is it important? My system still boots, and the IRST client within windows says my system is "functioning normally", but I want to ensure stability and optimize my RIG before I start re-installing all my programs etc.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      - Thank you for you rtime