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    Galileo Gen 2 and Serial LCD help


      Hello All - Has anyone been able to get a serial LCD to work with the Galileo Gen 2 using either the OS or Python?


      I am using a Galileo Gen 2 built with the EGLIBC image: http://downloadmirror.intel.com/25384/eng/iot-devkit-201510010757-mmcblkp0-galileo.direct.xz

           root@galileo:~# uname -a

           Linux galileo 3.8.7-yocto-standard #1 Tue Sep 29 22:16:33 GMT 2015 i586 GNU/Linux


      The LCD is a Serial enabled LCD from Sparkfun https://www.sparkfun.com/products/9393


      I have it connected to GND, 5V and Digital Pin 1 (TX) .


      On power on I get  the Sparkfun splash screen then it fills with a character like extended ascii 186 or || . I have tried a second LCD just to make sure it was not a LCD hardware issue.


      I have tried using PySerial to write to it, and using echo to /dev/ttyS0. But no changes. If you have any ideas I would appreciate it.