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    Intel RST, 2 RAID1 Volumes, how to make second one bootable?


      Hi, I have older Intel Server (Intel MBD - Xeon processor inside, Win2003 SRV Standard installed), recently one of the disks in RAID1 Volume (SATA Raid, Intel RST) is dropping out of sync, I power down Server, restart, disk comes up again and rebuild is performed. It works several days and then again same thing happens.


      I lost confidence in that disk array so I decided to swap both disks but without need to reinstall complete server from the scratch! So I purchased 2 x 500GB disks, installed them and created new Array, named Array2 RAID1 in parallel, initialized it and with Acronis TrueImage made copy of all partitions from Array 1 (original disks) to Array 2(new disks). How to make Array 2 bootable so I can remove disks from Array 1 and continue only with Array 2?