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    Serial Port and Galileo Issue



           I have been working with some e-health sensors and arduino IDE but I am having some issues with it. Some time when I upload the sketch it gave me errors and when I restart the Galileo it doesn't show up at the COM port. So I have to restart the PC again.  Recently I uploaded a sketch on the board and I was able to get the output on the serial monitor but when I changed the code and try to upload it again, arduino gave me permission error and Linux command prompt is showing some "time out waiting for bus ready" error. It looks to me that Galileo is too busy in getting the sensor values and it can't perform other functions. Now when I tried to restart the sketch through board restart button it didn't work and when I pressed the restart button, the board get hanged and disappeared from the COM port. So anyone what could be the solution to free the port and board from happening this or is there any other way to reset the sketch on the board? My WinScp is able to show the SD card but since I can't communicate with the board without Putty is not very useful.