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    GTX 970 / 980 card recommendation for S5520HC




      the issue I am trying to solve is this: my ZOTAC GTX 980 AMP! works fine in Core i5 desktop, but is not recognized in my Intel S5520HC mainboard where I would like to use it for some TensorFlow GPU computing.


      The card is inserted into the only PCIe 2.0 x16 slot (mechanically, only x8 electrically) on the board. a Quadro K4000 card works fine in that slot, so the slot seems to be working.


      I am wondering if this could be a PCIe 2.0 / x8 slot compatibility issue? Could this be solved e.g. by updated the GPU's firmware and/or trying other PCIe slots using a x8 -> x16 riser?


      The Intel board is running the latest firmware/bios.


      Anybody here have any experience with / recommendation for a modern nvidia GPU that is compatible with this board? something along the lines GTX 970 / 980 / 980ti / Titan X would be great.