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    I've almost had enough of this HD4600 brightness changing




      I have a Dell Precision M6800 with an NVidia K3100M and an Intel HD 4600.


      When I open certain applications, my screen brightness will turn all the way up. I usually have it half down. It is annoying beyond belief every time the brightness adjusts...

      I have it when my preview window opens for PDF24 (pdf printer) or when I open a video file with Media Player Home Cinema. It seems to be when it uses some renderers or codecs of some sort I think. It is not when a whole screen is dark, then I open a complete white document or anything. I can have a dark screen and open the media player in a small part of the screen, it will crank the brightness all the way up.


      I think the issue is the Power Saving Technology. I want to turn it OFF.

      Now I can do that for the option "on battery" from the intel graphics options, but the option is not there for "plugged in". It used to be from what I can tell on the internet, it's not there anymore now.


      I have done all the usual. Scoured the internet for hours for a solution...


      - I have turned off the adaptive brightness option

      - I have used the Dell drivers, I have used different Intel drivers and loaded them manually, I have used old drivers I have used new drivers.

      - I have tried the dell power management, disabling it, stopping the service, uninstalling it.



      I finally have resorted to changing registry keys for the driver:


      [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Class\{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}\0002]  (and several others with the same registry keys anding in other numbers from 0001 to 0008)







      Changing these does not work either, or I must be changing the wrong values.


      I am getting desperate. It's a stupid feature, and I want to decide how bright or dark my screen is all by myself like a real grown up person that knows his way around pc's. And if anyone decides to put an option like this that controls how bright your screen automatically goes on a device that I don't take to bed or in darker and brighter places, I want to be able to turn the "feature" off. So where is the OFF button for the condition "PLUGGED IN" for this super annoying useless piece of stupid "smart" feature? (did I mention I was really getting desperate? Or does it just show?)




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          Hello, stefcklm:


          I would like to thank you for the deep explanation of your issue and also for the information provided regarding the attempts to fix the situation.


          My recommendation would be to contact directly your OEM, the graphics control panel does have an option to increase or decrease the brightness but depending on how the applications interact with the device, the brightness could increase. For that reason it would be better to contact them and see if there is a remaining options to change for this to be better.


          Also, have you checked if the software that is affecting you has brightness options in it? That could also help you with this.



          Esteban C