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    Cannot reset DX58S02 BIOS.


      DX58S02, i7 CPU, 24Gb RAM, AMD 6800 GPU


      Was in BIOS settings to enable USB boot option, must have mucked something up, now won't POST.  No Beeps, no video.  on-board code reads 00. 

      Tried pulling CMOS battery, disconnecting power, removed all but 1 stick of ram in Channel 1 DIMM 0 and moving jumper to 2-3 and letting sit. same result so i tried different sticks of ram in the slot. same same.

      When that didn't work I tried recovery, wrote the latest bios file to a usb and removed jumper, watched the screen flash the boot screen and then the bios was loaded. same result, tried interrupting recovery at splash screen with <F2>, but could not get it to enter BIOS setup.


      It's been working for years, it has to be a setting I changed in the boot order screen, if I can get back to setup I'm sure I can fix it.


      Am I missing a step?  Suggestions?