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    D510MO BIOS issues


      Have D510MO with latest BIOS 10N 0542.

      This mobo previoulsy had a BIOS upgrade from 10J.

      Followed instructions to upgrade to 0400 to 10N and then to 0542.

      However, with 0542 unable to run 800MHz DIMM at manual setting 5-5-5-15 per Kingston datasheet (see attached).

      These are set of Kingston KHX6400D2K2/4G (2 x 2GB).

      There is a post on this being resolved with 10J 0303 D510MO BIOS Memory settings for PC2-6400


      Why has this functionality ceased? Is it available in 10J 0542 at all

      Are the DIMMs compatible?

      Do these require manual setting?


      Please advise.



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          Hi JEWilson,


          Intel improved BIOS firmware since version 0400; it jumped from 10J to 10N. Memories at 800MHz require more voltage (1.85V) than 667MHz (1.8V). It is possible to use 1 memory stick at 800MHz, when you have 2 memories the board will fail. You might try to download the voltage. Kingston memory KHX6400D2K2/4G works at 667MHz (1.8V) and 800MHz(1.85V)


          Higher memory voltage increases processor temperature and it can damage the system.


          Mike C