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    Why does WLAN top out at 8Mbps?

    R B

      I have a stock Compute Stick preloaded with Windows 10 Home.  It is about 6m away from my WLAN router, a TP-Link TL-WDR4300 running Gargoyle 1.8.1.  The WLAN properties say it has 72mbps, but an attempted file copy over the network displays a hard limit at 8MBps (about 700kbps), 1/10th of the expected BW.  This is unsatisfactory.  The router is not to blame, because a laptop running Windows 8.1 Pro placed next to the ComputeStick and using the same router WLAN connection, whose WLAN properties show 87Mbps, achieves 5.5 MBps (about 50Mbps) with no signs of limiting.  On the Compute Stick I have disabled Bluetooth in both OS and BIOS, and I am using an IR keyboard, so as not to have any other RF which might interfere with the WLAN.

      As my experiments with the laptop show, I should have at least half of the theoretical BW available, not just 1/10th.  How can I get the WLAN connection to work properly?