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    RAID rebuild failure


      I have a problem with rebuilding a RAID1 array.

      Recently my W8.1 setup (Gigabyte X58A-UD5 Motherboard) showed an error in Disk 1 on reboot - in the configuration utility.

      I bought a new disk, thinking that would be the best approach, and began the rebuild from Disk 0 to Disk 1.

      At what seemed to be the end of the process, and after trying to log in (W10 login screen), the machine rebooted - did it crash?


      This time, the Disk 0 (which was the good on) showed an error.

      I removed it from the array and am now running with my new disk (Disk 1) only, which seems to be ok and boots the machine.


      Physical Disk 0, which was immediately placed "offline", and I changed to online (Signature Collision),  is now unusable. It can't be accessed.  But I should be able to format it as that option is available in Windows.


      I have not removed the RAID array.  I want to rebuild it.


      I haven't manually upgraded anything on this machine which is now nearly 4 years old.  The intel utility showed an upgrade for the chipset, but it failed to install.


      The configuration utility is older, and seems to be the Intel Matrix Storage Manager - the system shows IC8H version SATA RAID controller, and the X58 chipset.

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          If you are using an earlier Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager version, then you should have an option for rebuild to this drive if you install the new hard drive.

          Rebuild does not always occur automatically. Sometimes we need user action.



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            HI Allan,

            If you review my post, you will see that I did in fact attempt to rebuild the array through the IMSM configuration utility by adding a new hard drive for the one which showed an error.

            It seemed to be proceeding properly.


            Because the system was otherwise idle, the login screen appeared, and when I entered my password, the system restarted (NOT MY CHOICE IT JUST DID IT).


            Going through the restart process, the old (good) drive then showed an error and the new drive had to be used to restart the system. I did not remove the RAID but I did remove the drive that was now showing the error. The system restarted normally but without the second drive. Windows had set the old drive "offline", due to a "Signature Collision"....when I tried to put it "online" it would not read. I guess with a format it might be ok, but I didn't try that.


            Is the IMSM version I have compatible with Windows 10?  Otherwise, I cannot see why this failed to rebuild in a normal way.

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              The latest version of Intel(R) Matrix Storage Manager is 8.9 that is not compatible with Windows® 10. Intel released Intel® Rapid Storage for Windows® 10 version 14.8, and again, this is not compatible for your ICH10R controller.

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                So I figured out that I needed a Win 8.1 solution not 10, and installed ver 12.9 of IRST software.  This was the correct solution for my configuration, but it will be as far as I can go with this controller - no more windows upgrades if I want to use the Intel RAID...