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    NUC 5i5RYK with Samsung 950 Pro Drive - no HDD light?


      I have a NUC 5i5RYK running Windows 10. I've installed a Samsung 950 Pro 512GB M2 NVMe drive. It seems to work fine and is on the supported hardware list but the HDD light will not illuminate when the drive is accessed. I've seen posts elsewhere which indicate the HDD light can be turned on and off in the NUC bios but I cannot see that option on mine. I'm running the most recent Jan 2016 0354 release of bios on my NUC. Its a shame as i purchased this particular drive as it was listed on the tested and supported hardware for this model (CMTL > Search > Tested Motherboard)


      Any advice appreciated. I previously had an intel SSD and that worked without issue.