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    Bluetooth audio haptic feedback


      I have been searching for information about a project I have in mind. I basically would like to pair my Edison to my phone. i would than like to pass audio from my phone to my Edison but instead of outputing the audio to speakers I would like to use a motor. In a sense using audio as a sort of motor speed signal. I am completely stumped as to how to complete this project. Should I continue to reasearch and try to pass audio from Bluetooth to i2c audio to possibly an aplifying circuit to drive the motor. In a past project I called a file from sd to a USB audio device but would like to try to stay away from that route. My only other thought is to go buy a bluetooth headset and amplify the audio and attach a motor. If anyone could help me with this I would greatly appreciate it.

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          Hello Mysticmindset,


          Your project seems very interesting but presents one main obstacle. Please correct me if I'm wrong, you want to stream an audio file from your cellphone to your Edison, then process the file, and send it as an audio output through Edison's I2S interface to later be amplified and used to control the motor.


          The obstacle I mentioned is that A2DP, which is the profile commonly used to stream audio using Bluetooth, was designed to transfer audio streams unidirectionally, from a Bluetooth host (source) to another Bluetooth device (a “sink”).


          You will be able to pair and connect your cellphone and your Edison but your phone won't detect the Edison as a sink since it is another Bluetooth host. I'm not familiar with any Bluetooth profile that is able to stream audio, however there might be another options, like sending the whole file before processing it.


          If you decide to continue with your project I'd suggest you to read the Bluetooth® User Guide and the Audio Setup Guide. We will be waiting to hear more about this project, if you have any updates I invite you to post them here, they might help other users that are interested in similar projects.



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            Thanks for the information. I looked through the Bluetooth setup guide. I will look at the audio setup guide. I mentioned using an sd card to play a file through to a USB speaker but aside from possibly using the USB speakers this project, from how I am thinking about it is quite different. I am very ignorant to Linux and how to use the Edison to its potential and implementing the ideas of the projects I come up with to use with it. I love the Edison and from what I feel and understand of the possiblities of this board. I have three edison boards and a Galileo board. I try to start projects but seem to hit a brick wall when it comes to implementing some aspects of my ideas. I'm getting off topic but it completely frustrates me that I don't know more about the software that runs on it and linux/UNIX in general also my ability to quite grasp some of the documentation I read. Im getting off topic but am chugging along and learning along the way. I'm starting to think that the Edison is the wrong thing to use with this project as I feel I am only trying to use a small part of the ability of the board. I will explain a little greater detail as to what I have come up with so far. I have an app on my phone that if I pair my Bluetooth headphone to my phone I can play and change tones. Instead of having speakers i would like to drive a motor with these audio tones. I could just as easily take a pair of cheap bluetooth headphones and cut the speakers of and wire in two motors for each channel. If the signal is not powerful enough I could put in an audio amplifier. I was just thinking instead of buying anything new just use the Edison and pos some simple external circuity to drive the motors with the audio signal. I2c was only something I threw in because of a haptic feedback board from adafruit  saw while researching.





               I really want to complete this project. Also please excuse my typing if anything is wrong, the letters as I'm doing this from my phone are about 3/32 of an inch tall .