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    NUC5PGYH and Windows 7 Problems


      Hi hoping someone might be able to clear up a couple of issues I'm having. I bought two NUC5PGYH as require a minimilistic setup for a work location and these looked perfect with the VESA mounts. My only problem is, to support some software we have I need to install Windows 7 32bit. Usually this is not a hard task and I have performed it many times on a variety of other hardware setups but this little NUC seems to be giving me the run around!!


      First question, in the BIOS (0048) there is the option to boot for Windows 7 but I noticed this then disables the built in 32GB storage available resulting in having to use a standard SATA drive.


      Second if I install on a SATA I built a Windows 7 image with the DISM commands to integrated the Intel drivers to get the USB3.0 to function an succesfully get a working install. I then used the drivers available via the Intel website to install all hardware listed in the Device Manager but I noticed one small problem with the Display Adapter it is being listed as a Standard VGA Adapter. Unfortunately drivers for this NUC at "LINK" do not have any listed for Windows 7 32bit so could please someone link me to what drivers should work please.


      Third, although I have got Windows 7 up on and running on a SATA my main objective was to have it running from the internal 32GB storage so when I then went back into the BIOS and changed the Windows 7 option to Windows 10 which then allows me to enable the internal 32GB storage but when I then rebooted into Windows 7, Device Manager was showing 7-8 new unknown devices that required drivers but gave no name as to what they were. I'm pressuming some are to do with the TPM option to satisfy newer Windows requirements and I'm also guessing some are to then address the 32GB storage card but what drivers would I use for Windows 7 32bit?


      Really hope someone can help me out!


      Thanks in advance.



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          Hi JBoostR,


          Windows® 10 Home plus recovery image comes embedded in the eMMC storage. It is recommended to create a copy of Windows® 10 (bootable USB drive) before erasing it. It is possible to install Windows® 7 in the eMMC but it is necessary to format the drive as NTF.


          The Intel® NUC Kit 5PGYH is a new device and it is intended for newer operating systems such as Windows® 8, 8.1 and later.


          Mike C