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    Intel HD 520 and Dell P2715Q Network Disruption?


      Hey Intel,


      Here is a strange one for you:


      I am Surface Pro 4 user (i5 with HD 520). I bought Dell P2716Q (4K display) and when I connect it with the Mini Display Port to the Display Port in the monitor, everything works perfectly well EXCEPT for the fact that the network connection drops. When I start moving the cable in the mini display port something changes though - either the network comes back or the ping (if i start such with -t) get a very high latency times. So moving the cable changes something.

      Now, I tested with the MSFT converter and HDMI cable from there to the screen (yes, it does not support 4k) and everything works perfectly well. What's more, it works the same way with a VGA monitor.

      Yesterday, I started playing with an option of the monitor that's called MST and I found that when I put the MST option from OFF (which is the default) and set it to Secondary, even though I am on 4K with Mini Display Port to Display Port, the Wi-Fi is back and the signal is perfect! This setting obviously, as written in this article changes the Display Port to work in 1.1 version and so the screen now cannot support 60Hz. When I check, HD 520 is 1.2 certified and it should be supporting 4k on 60Hz (and if I play a bit of time with the cable, I can find a position in which everything works perfectly - both 4k/60hz and wi-fi) -> How to solve DP/Mini DP No Video/ Wrong resolution Issue with DELL P2715Q/P2415Q Flat Panel Monitor | Dell US


      I am running the 4328 driver and so my question is, isn't that something that you should look at too as a problematic driver?


      Looking forward to hearing from you!

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