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    Configure Intel Nuc 5i7RYH for passive audio from 3.5mm jack?


      Hello everyone,


      I have a broadwell Nuc that I have mounted to the back of a large monitor ( my TV ) and on occasion I need to use headphones. Unfortunately the cords on almost every set of headphones or earbuds are all about the same length which sadly is slightly too short. I have tried leaving an audio extension cable that I picked up from Best Buy in the front audio jack but the Nuc sees the extension as an active device instead of a passive one and will not play audio through the TV speakers while the extension is plugged in. Does anyone know if there is an option somewhere that I can get the Nuc to see this audio extension as a passive device and pump audio through the TV until headphones are actually plugged into the extension? Could this be a driver thing or am I out of luck? Thank you!