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    RealSense R200 camera USB compatibility


      I am trying to interface the R200 camera with the Intel Edison computing board. However, the camera requires a USB3.0 connection whereas Edison board supports only microUSB2.0. Is there a strict requirement of the R200 camera for working only with USB3.0 or can a USB adapter (3.0 -> 2.0) be utilized for  interfacing with the Edison module for our embedded project? I tried connecting a USB2.0 cable to the camera (hoping that the backward compatibility feature would facilitate interfacing), but the Windows10 OS could not detect any camera sensor connection.


      If not possible, can someone suggest embedded boards that can be support interfacing with the camera (Windows 8.1 and above, CherryTrail or 4th Gen Core, USB3.0)? Would the USBBOXStick (Compute Stick) work?