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    Intel HD 520 driver update issue




      I am an owner of Inspiron 13z 7359 2-in-1 laptop that has Intel core i5-6200u Skylake processor with Intel HD 520 graphics chip. I am trying to download the drivers(the ones from DELL site are very outdated) for the Intel HD 520 from this site:


      Download Intel® Beta Graphics Driver for Windows® 7/8.1/10* [15.40]

      The Windows 10, 64-bit version which I have installed on my laptop.


      where my processor(Intel core i5-6200u) is listed as supported.


      However whenever I try to install the drivers I get this message:


      "The computer does not meet minimum requirements for installing the software."


      I have tried to remove graphics drivers completly in device manager and try installing but with no success.


      Could anyone please help me resolve my issue?


      Thank you for your time and help.





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          Hello, Mike9x:


          While using OEM systems like yours, the recommendation is to download and install the drivers from your computer's manufacturer website.


          This is to avoid loosing any special features or settings while using the generic drivers from Intel®.


          Here you can find the drivers for your system, please make sure you select the correct OS that you currently have: Product Support | Dell US


          You could also test your system with the generic drivers from Intel®: Drivers & Software



          Esteban C

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            Hello Esteban C,


            Thank you very much for your reply.


            I have succeeded installing the beta drivers from your link(the first ones in the list) manually through device manager. Are the beta ones safe? Should I downgrade to any other? If so which ones would you recommend?


            I have also noticed very big performance difference between the DELL driver and the Beta (Latest). I am able to run Overwatch with stable 30 FPS without any freezes at all.


            However my CPU temperature when playing goes even to 73°C. From what I have read I should not go over 80°C during playing so I should be OK?


            Also could you please help me which driver to choose from the list here? Drivers & Software. There are dates listed from 28 and 29th of January but when I click the link, I can see the driver is from December, October and January. Which of the drivers up there is the newest? I would like to try to play Overwatch on my laptop.





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              Hello, Mike9x:


              This driver is being provided as a beta test driver, and while it has had limited validation testing by Intel, it is essentially a test driver and is not to be considered a permanent replacement for a fully validated and certified graphics driver.


              Basically, if it is working fine for you, it should be good to go.


              The driver that works better for you, would be the one to be used, you can either use the beta or the one from your OEM.


              Regarding the temperatures, as long as it doesn't go over the Tcase (100°C), and that temp remains there for a long time, you should't have issues.


              The driver Beta is the latest

              Your feedback is really important, I do appreciate the already provided and any further feedback that you could provide as well.



              Esteban C