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    Problem with my i5 6500


      Hello, I have a Problem with my i5 6500 Processor.

      This is my Setup:

      • - CPU: Intel Core i5-6500
      • - Mainboard: ASUS H170-Pro Gaming
      • - RAM: Crucial CL15 8GB DDR 4
      • - Power Supply: be quiet! Straight Power 10 400W
      • - Graphics: Zotac GTX 750Ti

      Problem: When I use my Graphics card in the PCI Express #1 Slot (16 Lanes incl. lanes of CPU) of my Motherboard the System shuts down while Gaming. When I use the same card in the PCI Express #2 Slot (only 4 Lanes I guess) the system works fine.

      The grahpics Card ONLY works in the slot #1, when I manually Change the PCI Express Speed in the BIOS of the Asus Board to “Generation 1”. When I use “generation 2”, “generation 3” or “auto” I get the described error.

      What I did already:

      • I made a fresh Windows installation and did a CMOS Bios Reset
      • I already changed the RAM, the graphics card, the power supply and the motherboard.


      Can you help me here? Is there a problem with the PCI Lanes of the CPU or might be another issue?

      Thank you