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    help choosing a 8260 AC (wifi + bluetooth) ordering code for a DEL XPS13.


      Hi there,


      I am willing to upgrade my DELL XPS 13 (model 9343) wifi card to a intel 8260 AC, but I have been unable to select the required model number from the ordering and specs sheet, as there are many models to choose from, and there is no giance on the different model codes that helps.


      In my case:


      processor is not vPro

      the card must have wifi and bluetooth but NOT LTE

      form factor is 2230

      i am not sure whether the laptop requires (or is able to use) a Low Power card

      and i am not in indonesia neither i am from indonesia.


      In these conditions there are more than 10 cards in the list that might suit the requirements. Could you explain the meaning of the different codes on the product or suggest the required model?


      Additionally, i am using linux as a OS, there is a kernel modulee compatible with this card, but is some intel docs it says some functionality is not available for linux... could you detail which functionality is it and whether it is a kernel module issue or is a dessign issue?. Wireless.wiki.kernel.org seems to indicate 8260 is supported.


      Thanks for your help